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Insurance Shock Absorber

Save up to $500! Reduce the shock of high insurance rates… From an auto insurance company? You Bet! That’s right. Now, you have an insurance company that sells shock absorbers. Not auto parts, but shock absorbers to protect you from the bumps and potholes on the road of life. In fact, this company can save […]



Drive Safely and Save

While we kick the tires in the showroom and imagine ourselves cruising down the highway in a brand new car, not many of us stop to consider how we will insure the new beauty or what it will cost. Car insurance premiums are set according to your driving record, insurance record, the make and model […]



Acts of God and Athiests

A stormy night can leave a path of destruction and thousands of dollars worth of damage for individuals. Convinced that “acts of God” are not covered by insurance policies, some people worry that the cost of repairs to their own pockets. In many cases, their insurance will assist in the clean-up. Short of sorting out […]



Tenants and Condominiums

Renters Insurance Facts If you’re living in you first apartment, you may think you don’t own anything of value. However, what little furniture ou do have may break your budget if you should have to replace it. Even in a furnished apartment, imagine the cost of replacing a closet full of clothing and shoes. When […]



Accident Prone Away From Home?

If you’re accident-prone, you may be relieved to find your homeowners insurance applies anywhere in the world you may unintentionally infict bodily injury upon another person or damage to their property. You are covered by liability insurance as detailed in section II of our homeowners policy. Liability insurance works in the following way. Imagine it’s […]



Home Owner Insurance Facts

Although most homeowners never need to submit an insurance claim, home insurance is a necessary means of guarding against misfortune. It protects you from financial loss resulting from “sudden and accidental” mishaps. Once you are the legal owner or tenant of your home, you should be covered by insurance. This holds true even if your […]



They Cheat, You Pay – Fraud

Property and casualty insurance fraud in North America costs billions a year in fabricated and exaggerated claims. Everyone pays that cost in the form of higher premiums – 10% to 15% higher premiums. It is a crime that picks not only the pockets of insurance companies and its clients, but drains the coffers of organizations […]



Who Needs Insurance?

Risk What is your tolerance to risk? Do you like to live on the edge putting everything at risk at any given moment? If so, then insurance isn’t for you. But that probably isn’t you. If it was, you wouldn’t be here reading this. The truth is we want to protect our families, our assets […]



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