Insurance Shock Absorber

Save up to $500! Reduce the shock of high insurance rates…

From an auto insurance company? You Bet!

That’s right. Now, you have an insurance company that sells shock absorbers. Not auto parts, but shock absorbers to protect you from the bumps and potholes on the road of life.

In fact, this company can save many drivers as much as $100, $300, $500, or more. Most insurance companies deliver their super prices only to those super-rare, super-perfect people who fit some underwriter’s fantasy of the risk-free driver.

We think that’s unfair.

So we offer this company with super-low rates, and shock absorbers, to smooth out the bumps on the road of life, so that you don’t get bounced into a higher-priced auto insurance program.

Family with young driver? No problem!

Your child gets a driver’s license. Thunk! That bump on the road bounces you right out of most insurance companies’ preferred-pricing plans. Not so with this company. They absorb the shock of young drivers, and can usually keep your whole family in thier preferred-pricing plans.

First accident? We can forgive.

You have your first accident. Wham! That bumps you out of most insurance companies’ preferred-pricing plans, or even out of their company altogether! This company offers a smoother ride. They forgive your first accident with them, and will keep your premium payments where they were before the accident.

Your spouse is an inexperienced driver? We’ll get over it.

You’re an experienced driver, and you marry somebody with just a few years’ driving experience. Clunk! You bounce out of most insurance companies’ preferred-pricing programs, and get stuck with a higher rate, just because your new spouse has a little driving experience. Again, this company’s shock absorbers smooth the bump. You can stay in their preferred program and you and your spouse keep a great rate.

Your car’s nicer than your child’s?

You and your spouse own three vehicles. Spronk! Big pothole! Even though your child drives the oldest car, most companies bounce the premium for your two newer cars to the moon. This company smoothes out this rough spot by charging only for the increase risk on th vehicle your child drives. Sure, kids are high-risk drivers, but they don’t think it’s fair to charge higher rates for cars they seldom drive.

Sports Car? Cool!

You’re an empty-nester and your mutual funds are doing well. You treat yourself to a sportier car. You drive it home, call your insurance company, and Boing! You’re bounced right out of their preferred-pricing, and into the penalty plan. Or, they might even cancel your policy altogether.

Laughlin Agency absorbs the shock of finding out you bought a sportier vehicle, and can still give you a great price for your insurance.

(OK, these do have their limits. Like if the vehicle comes from Italy and the name ends in an “i”, you’ll probably be on your own.)

Ready for potential savings of $100, $300, $500, or more and the security of our shock absorbers?

By contacting The Laughlin Insurance Agency, Inc. who represents this company, you’ll see how they can save you as much as $100, $300, $500 or even more. And you can learn more about the shock absorbers they’ve built into their insurance programs, to help smooth out the rough spots in the road ahead of you that could bounce you out of other insurance companies.

Occasionally, this company isn’t the perfect company for a potential customer. But since The Laughlin Insurance Agency, Inc. represents other companies, we can offer you alternatives with companies that might suit you better.

You won’t get alternatives from a mail-order, telephone-sales, or Website insurance company. You need the personal service of an independent insurance agency like the Laughlin Insurance Agency, Inc.!

Please e-mail or phone us now to see if you qualify……and please mention you saw this on our website!